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Dave Cook (hoits)

Hi, I'm Dave Cook, an amateur photographer taking photos mostly amateur motor sport andfamily outings and events.

I have been taking photos of Classic Trials for about 7 years now, and have developed quite an archive of Photographs, mainy of events that can be reached in a day from my Birmingham home. For those who don't know the term Classic Trials refers to the format of the event rather than the Cars or Motorbikes competing. Many of these events have been running since the 1930's, and some even longer. There are two organisations in charge of them, the Association of Classic Trials Clubs(ACTC,, and the Motor Cycle Club(MCC,, and much useful information about the sport can be found here,

I am also interested in almost anything with an engine that moves, but particularly other forms of amateur Motor Sport and canals. We also take lots of Photos when we go on holiday, and I hope to publish lots of them here. If you want higher quality to print or re-use, contact me on

I have started to keep higher resolution of my Motor Sport photos on a Photobox Website so that anyone who wants to buy copies of their photographs. They can be found here: