Fourteen years of Clouds

Photographing Aaron Haizelden, this year's winner, reminded me of a photo that I took of him in 2006 on Nailsworth.  This prompted me to see if I could find other cars/ddrivers that also spanned the 14 years.   Here are a few that I have found.

D50_4601 -  No. 27, Aaron Haizelden / Ben Glass:  Class 5 Reliant Scimitar

And of Course his Old Man

D50_4570 -  No. 25, David Haizelden:  Class 5 Reliant Scimitar

While we're in Class 5 - Stuart Roach and his HRG

D50_4706 -  No. 51, Stuart Roach / Keith Pickering:  Class 5 HRG 1500

In Class 3 we have Colin Perryman in his BMW 2002

D50_4633 -  No. 36, Colin Perryman:  Class 3 BMW 2002

Ian Moss was overall winner in the Imp in 2006, now he's the Class 3 Anglia estate

D50_4623 -  No. 23, Ian Moss / Glenice Coventry:  Class 3 Ford Anglia Est

Then Class 2 of course we have Bill Bennett in his MG J2

D50_4833 -  No. 79, Bill Bennett / Tom Ford:  Class 2 MG J2

Mike Hobbs Class 6 Beetle still going strong

Mike & Victoria Hobbs, VW Beetle,
D50_4853 -  No. 74, Mike Hobbs / Howard Steele:  Class 6 VW Beetle

As is Mark Tooth's Beetle

Mark Tooth & Glen Jennings, VW Beetle
D50_4565 -  No. 19, Mark Tooth / Rob Gilmour:  Class 6 VW Beetle

There are so many that I've put Classes 7 and 8 on another page