Fourteen years Part 2

There's more of these than I thought so I've put Classes 7 and 8 on a seperate page

 Andrew Knightly Brown's recently restored Class 7 Marlin Roadster

Andrew Brown & Roger Stanbury, Marlin Roadster,
D50_4692 -  No. 52, Andrew Knightly Brown / Johnathan Ellwood:  Class 7 Marlin Roadster

Rick Neale's Dutton Melos, is either a new car or had a change of Index Number

Rick Neale & Mark Shipton, Dutton Melos,
D50_4516 -  No. 16, Rick and Tess Neale:  Class 7 Dutton Melos

 Mal and Donny Allen's  Class 7 Marlin Roadster bears 14 years of competition well

Mal & Donny Allen, Marlin Roadster,
D50_4464 -  No. 3, Mal and Donny Allen:  Class 7 Marlin Roadster

Adrian Marfell's  Class 8 VW Special is another one that doesn't look much different, even the driving style is the same

Adrian Marfell, VW Special, 1st in Class 8
D50_4731 -  No. 58, Adrian Marfell:  Class 8 VW Special

Ben Johnson's moved seats in his VW special

Anthony Young & Ben Johnson, VW Special,
D50_4629 -  No. 26, Ben Johnson / Johnathan Perssell:  Class 8 VW Special

Two photos of Mike Workman's GVS, first because it's still here after 14 years and secondly because his passenger 14 years ago, Mark Linforth was here in his own car this year.

Mike Workman & Mark Linforth, Golden Valley Special,
D50_4608 -  No. 32, Mike Workman / Mark Glassonbury:  Class 8 Ford GVS
Mike Workman & Mark Linforth, Golden Valley Special,
D50_4595 -  No. 28, Mark Linforth / Isabel Brown:  Class 8 MG Special

I wonder if it ws sold to Mike Briggs as One careful owner?

Mike & Jonathan Chatwin, Troll T6,
D50_4680 -  No. 38, Mike Briggs / David Meredith:  Class 8 Troll

I can't make my mind up if this is the same car or not?

Adrian & Gregory Linnecor, Canon Sports,
D50_4650 -  No. 46, Stuart and Kieran Bartlett:  Class 8 Cannon

Chris has got a new hat

Chris Wall & Tony Kemp, Cannon,
D50_4671 -  No. 11, Chris Wall:  Class 8 Cannon