Llandudno - hoits

Theresa & Rob were in Wales for a short break and had arranged at Uncle Walters funeral to meet up with us. After a number of E mails and text they arranged to come over to the cottage this morning before they went home. We hadn’t told Mom they were coming and so she was surprised when they arrived at about 10.30am. They spent some time with us at the cottage and then they were going into Llandudno to go to a craft shop to get something for Rob’s Mom, and so we decided to go as well. After looking around the shops we went our separate ways. They had to be back at their Son & Daughter in Law’s for Dinner at 6pm. We had lunch and then looked round a World War 2 museum. We were heading towards the tram to go up the Great Orme when we met up with Theresa & Rob again. So we stopped and had coffee with them and another chat. They eventually left at Quarter past 4, they had wanted to go at 4pm. We had a walk around the front as it was too late to go up the Orme before heading for home. It was lovely day today weather wise and it was lovely to see Theresa & Rob.

With Therasa and Rob at Llandudno