Linlithgow Soft Play - hoits

The weather was very dull this morning and we decided to go the 5 sister’s zoo and go in the soft play there. On the way Benjamin told us there had been a fire there and Dave remembered something about it. When we got there the Zoo was open but the soft play closed. We then had an argument because Toby wanted to go to the Zoo and Benjamin to the other soft play at Linlithgow. We decided to go to Linlithgow as the weather still did not look to good. They were in there for 3 hours and had a great time. We had a snack while we were there but then decided to go to McDonalds at Falkirk for some dinner. The Sat Nav got us there but we could not find a Mc Donald’s so we went to South Queens ferry where we eventually found the McDonalds.

Linlithgow Soft Play